Why Broadpark

A personal relationship with your principal advisor

At Broadpark, we believe that having constant access to your principal advisor to answer your questions and deal with any issues you might have is necessary for a successful wealth planning relationship. Our competent staff will be available to help you with any of your needs as well but we will always make a point to keep you in touch personally.

A “Family Office” approach

We aim to offer you all of the services that would be available to you if you had your own family office to run your financial affairs. In addition to the services shown on our Services page we can also assist with any cash management (bill paying/bookkeeping), financing or banking, family governance, etc. that you may find yourself, or your family, in need of.

Trust in our independence and abilities

We do not sell any proprietary products nor do we accept referral fees for any services that we recommend be performed by another professional. All Broadpark personnel, from the principals down, will be available to help you conquer any obstacles between you and your goals. We all have our skills and specialties so by using a team based approach we can make sure we look at all of the options and cover all of the bases for you, your family, your business, and everyone else involved in your financial future. We are here to assist you in achieving your goals and if you do not have full faith in us we will not be able to do so.